Anova Technologies is a specialized custom fiber and low latency network provider servicing HFT and algorithmic traders. We aggressively pursue next-generation advanced technologies along with PhD-level physics to create our exchange-to-exchange trading connectivity solutions that have the lowest latency available in the industry.

Flowers made of lightbulbs

While other telecomm providers dilute their focus, ours is exclusively concentrated on HFT and algorithmic trading clients. Thus, we symbiotically implement the most up-to-date and best-in-class trading connectivity solutions with unrivaled speed and agility. This focus, speed and agility, coupled with our solid contacts, enable us to provide our clients with unique opportunities to break away from the herd on the nanosecond level.

Our prime objective is to implement best-in-class exchange connectivity. With the fastest routes connecting global trading venues, Anova Technologies consistently delivers the ultimate trifecta to its clients - ultra low latency, accessibility, and ease of deployment.