Anova Technologies Introduces Wireless Market Data Via Its Ultra-Low Latency Network

September 3, 2014 - (New York/Chicago/London U.K.) Anova Technologies announces the launch of its new market data service, live on September 2, 2014.

Built on the backbone of Anova's leading edge network, Anova's feed is available via either ultra-low latency wireless or optimized low latency fiber. For clients accessing the data via the ultra-low latency wireless, they will benefit from the market's fastest sub-185µs speeds, recently achieved through path and equipment improvements.  READ MORE

Anova's First AOptix ULL-3000 Now Installed in the Field

March 18, 2014 /New York, Chicago, London U.K./ Anova Technologies together with their joint venture partner, AOptix Technologies, today announced that construction on the first ULL-3000 path has now commenced in New York/New Jersey metro area.

"This is monumental," stated Michael Persico, Founder and CEO of Anova Technologies. "We've moved the technology from the trial network into operational deployment. To date, our tests have delivered results that exceeded our model-based forecasts. We believe our networks will be the fastest in all weather conditions."  READ MORE

Anova Technologies' RFConnect Wins at Prestigious 12th Annual Chicago Innovations Award

November 22, 2013 / NEW YORK, CHICAGO, and LONDON / Anova Technologies, the preeminent financial and exchange connectivity provider, was recognized for its RFConnect product at the 12th Annual Chicago Innovation Awards. With 562 submissions whittled down to 100 finalists, Anova then participated in a rigorous judging process over the course of months, culminating with being selected as one of the ten winners for Chicago's most innovative companies. The finalist judging process included interviews, further information submission, and an onsite visit of Anova's Chicago test link.  READ MORE

Anova Technologies founder and CEO discusses wireless connectivity in the new book "Architects of Electronic Trading"

Microwaves in Trading: Conquering Resistance

July 18, 2013 / CHICAGO, NEW YORK, LONDON / Anova Technologies, CEO and Founder, Michael Persico sat down with Stephanie Hammer late in 2012 to discuss microwaves for her book "Architects of Electronic Trading; Technology Leaders Who Are Shaping Today's Financial Markets," which released last month. Ms Hammer's book examines and highlights technology leaders in the financial industry, offering readers a glimpse into coming trends and innovations.

Mr. Persico's interview with Ms Hammer is detailed in the chapter "Microwaves in Trading: Conquering Resistance." It serves as a wireless primer whereby readers will gain insights into the physics of radio frequencies, as well as an overview of their usage in the financial industry. Further details include: how microwaves work, certain deployment obstacles, development drivers, and most importantly, game changing innovations. READ MORE

Anova Technologies wins "BEST WIRELESS NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE INNOVATION"at the 2013 Global Telecom Business Innovation Awards

World' s only carrier-grade, dual-spectrum wireless network. Integrated laser/radio
frequency platform achieves the highest availability, range and capacity in existence today.

June 6, 2013 / NEW YORK, CHICAGO, and LONDON / Anova Technologies, the preeminent financial and exchange connectivity provider, was selected at the 7th annual GTB Innovations dinner as the winner of the "Wireless Network Infrastructure Innovation" award. Anova shared this honor with their strategic partner Aoptix Technologies.

This distinction recognizes RFConnect, the fastest and most available wireless trading network in the world. RFConnect, currently being deployed across the New York/New Jersey and Chicago metro areas, is celebrated for its patent protected hybrid radio that marries laser with millimeter wave. The system can withstand virtually all inclement weather and deliver fiber-like availability through the air. Furthermore, Anova's robust portfolio of FCC registered links, combined with this technology that solves for weather outage problems, enables clients to take advantage of true shortest route / fastest connection networks. READ MORE

Anova Technologies wins BEST LOW LATENCY NETWORK at the 2013 Waters Technology Sell Side Awards

RFConnect Hybrid Free Space Optics/Millimeter Wave Technology Honored as Premier Wireless Network

April 24, 2013 / NEW YORK, CHICAGO, and LONDON / Anova Technologies, the preeminent financial and exchange connectivity provider, was selected at last night's Waters Technology Sell Side Awards Dinner as the Best Low Latency Network Category Winner. Although this was the inaugural year for the Sell Side Awards, it received numerous entries for each category.

"We are extremely pleased to have been nominated for this distinction," stated Michael Persico, Founder and CEO of Anova Technologies. "It represents the culmination of many years of research and development looking for a way to deliver fiber-like availability through the air." Anova's submission was based on its RFConnect platform, which is a hybrid free space optics/millimeter wave (FSO/MMW) wireless technology.

Earlier this year, Anova concluded an availability study comparing its FSO/MMW networks against other wireless systems using over 165 million points of microclimate data. These findings, available through its marketing department, reveal RFConnect's superior ability to withstand all types of inclement weather. In fact, whereas Anova's dual spectrum technology experienced a total downtime of only 21 hours per year, on select financial industry paths, its competitors experienced downtime of 888 to 2976 hours per year over the same paths.   READ MORE

Low latency leader adds long haul news feed network to substantive millimeter wave assets

March 20, 2013 / CHICAGO / Anova Technologies, the preeminent financial and exchange connectivity provider, is pleased to announce its most recent acquisition of a microwave network between the Washington, DC Equinix facility, at 1275 K Street, and NASDAQ, at 1400 Federal in Carteret, New Jersey. This long haul microwave is the first and only wireless connection operated by a provider on this route and is a welcomed addition to Anova's already robust portfolio of millimeter wave footprint.

The new route wirelessly bridges the major news agency hub in DC and the equity markets at NASDAQ with only a 2.1KM route deviation from the ‘great circle.' "We feel this path simply cannot be beat with existing tower sets," stated Michael Persico Founder & CEO of Anova Technologies. "Bettering 2.1 kilometers off the curvature of the Earth's surface, on this route, is well-nigh impossible without building new sites, which is time consuming and many times, cost prohibitive. What that translates to is we're the fastest, for the near-, mid- and quite likely, long-term. And this fits in nicely with our philosophy of building or acquiring the end-game route. Our customers don't have to worry that in 6 months or 2 years or some other period of time, their path with us will be superseded by the next offering du jour."  READ MORE

The two companies are building the first ultra-low latency wireless communications networks offering high bandwidth and carrier grade availability

Campbell, Calif., and Chicago, Ill., February 21, 2013 - AOptix (, a technology innovation company that leverages optics to transform wireless communications, and Anova Technologies (, a company which builds dedicated low latency networks for the global trading industry, have formed a strategic partnership to deliver ultra-low latency wireless communications networks specifically for the financial industry.

Anova will be responsible for the sales and marketing, network design, and operations of these ultra-low latency networks for the financial services segment. AOptix will be the sole provider of technology and equipment to the partnership.  READ MORE

Live as of early January 2013, the fiber upgrade shaves 17% off round trip latency, preserving Anova's proprietary financial network as the fastest in the market

January 29, 2013 / CHICAGO / Anova Technologies, the preeminent financial and exchange connectivity provider, announced its recently upgraded OptiWave fiber path between 1400 Federal and 111 8th Ave. With literally multiple dozens of microseconds trimmed off the round trip latency, this is the fastest fiber connection available on that particular route.

"We champion self-disruption," stated Michael Persico, founder and CEO of Anova Technologies, "Whenever there exists an opportunity to widen the latency gap between ourselves and our nearest competitors, we make that investment. 1400 Federal to Telx's 111 8th Ave. is a significant connection if you're looking to leverage liquidity, arbitrage, hedging or trading indicators between NASDAQ and any number of the European exchanges. Firms need access to this TransAtlantic entry point as quickly as possible." READ MORE


Combining engineering expertise with carrier access, Anova cements its pole-position as lowest latency provider

Oct 31, 2012 Chicago / Since its inception, Anova Technologies has been recognized as a pioneer and leader in the ultra-low latency exchange connectivity space. At its core an engineering firm, Anova brings a comprehensive approach and two decades of financial technology experience to network deployment strategy. This unique methodology involves a metaview of all the elements as a puzzle, whose endgame is a zero overhead, real-time transporting of trading data across the globe.

In furthering this vision, Anova is pleased to announce its New Jersey CLEC status as of October 4, 2012. CLECs (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers) initially evolved from the competitive access providers who offered services in competition with ILECs (Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers) in the mid 1980’s.  READ MORE


CHICAGO / Anova Technologies, a custom optical engineering firm, will now offer ultra-low latency connectivity between 350 Cermak and 400 S Lasalle, bringing a key gateway to NY/NJ options exchanges and the CBOE into the ultra-low latency loop. As is standard, Anova's path will displace the available offerings by providing a significant speed advantage to its clients.

Low Latency in the Options Market

"We're linking up the network between these two POPs in the options market in a way that drives latency into picoseconds," stated Michael Persico, CEO and founder of Anova Technologies. "It's the perfect package for firms executing latency sensitive strategies - reliable and consistent light speed connectivity."

Anova Technologies specializes in creating the truly fastest paths, using the best equipment. Much of what the company deploys has been customized from a software, hardware or micro-build perspective. With a fabric of routes throughout the equities and FX exchanges, this is the inaugural route into the burgeoning options market. READ MORE


Anova Technologies unveils latest ultra-low latency route between 755 Secaucus and 545 Washington that is 15 percent faster than any other connection

Anova Technologies lowers FX arbitrage latency by 15 percent.

December, 2011 – Chicago, IL – Anova Technologies, a custom optical engineering firm, will now offer ultra-low latency connectivity between 755 Secaucus and 545 Washington, both key institutional FX ECNs. As is standard for Anova, this route enables clients to gain a significant speed advantage. With SLAs tightly tied to leading-edge latencies, this Anova path will clock in 15% faster than the competition, verifiable via advanced OTDR and RFC 2544 testing.

“We’ve optimized the connection between these two expanding pools of FX liquidity,” states Michael Persico, CEO and founder of Anova Technologies. “The foreign exchange markets have exploded in the last few years, evolving their execution landscape to enable those that react first to profit most. This is what electronic, and specifically algorithmic, trading did for the equity markets. Now it’s doing it in the foreign exchange markets, which will continue to grow in volume. And until now, we feel they have been latency under-served.” READ MORE


Anova Technologies adds OptiVault, a sub-1 microsecond encryption system, to its arsenal of ultra-low latency network solutions

Physical Layer 1 Encryption demo at the 2011 FIA Options & Futures Expo

October 11-12, 2011 - Chicago, IL - Anova Technologies, a custom optical engineering firm, will demonstrate its newest ultra-low latency solution at the 2011 FIA Options & Futures Expo. This service will protect sensitive data as it travels between exchange matching engines, adding mere nanoseconds to the round-trip latency.

"As the premier financial connectivity provider, our commitment is to provide the lowest latency networks and tools in the marketplace," stated Michael Persico, CEO and founder of Anova Technologies. "Ultimately, with the preponderance of electronic trades along with the sheer volume of HFT, we observed a very real and growing threat of vulnerability in the data transport mechanism. Our newest product, OptiVault..."  READ MORE


Anova Technologies connects world's two largest equity exchanges with lowest latency route available today

Latency will be reduced by 25% on its newest custom path between 300 Blvd E and 1118th Ave

August 16, 2011 - Anova Technologies, a specialized custom fiber and low latency network provider, will turn up the industry's fastest fiber span between 300 Blvd E and 111 8th at the end of the month. This mission critical corridor, with SLAs tightly tied to leading-edge latencies, will be 25% faster than all current and existing routes; a reduction verifiable via Anova's advanced OTDR and RFC 2544 testing.

We've exclusively secured the shortest physical distance between these two POPs,” stated Michael Persico, CEO and founder of Anova Technologies. “This is just another example of the specialized and intimate knowledge that drives our team to dig deeper and evolve our routes for optimized distance. Our exclusive focus on this area is why we consistently deliver competitive advantages to our clients in their pursuit of zero latency."  READ MORE


Anova Technologies introduces OptiWave, an innovative, ultra-low latency NJ/NY metro trading solution that utilizes “passive” fiber wavelengths.

CHICAGO, IL March 2, 2010 - Anova Technologies, a Chicago-based optical engineering and low latency networking firm, has created a unique fiber platform, OptiWave. This system melds the network management and micro-second speed that today's trading firms demand, coupled with an accessible price point and ease of deployment.

Historically, dark fiber connectivity has been difficult to procure, as well as cost prohibitive for all but a select few of the largest trading entities. Lit, or managed, fiber services from traditional carriers have a relatively lower price point but unfortunately exhibit higher latencies and zero control in terms of route or equipment improvements. Anova’s OptiWave service was created on the premise of eliminating this dilemma entirely.  READ MORE


Anova Technologies Unveils the Lowest Latency Trading Route in the U.S.

Anova Technologies, a newly-formed technology provider, is already transforming the financial industry by offering the fastest Chicago to New York/ New Jersey trading route in the U.S. to date, with a round trip time of 17.2 m/s.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) April 24, 2009 -- In the electronic world of algorithmic trading, a single millisecond is often the difference between profit and loss. Anova Technologies, which was founded on the premise of bringing best-of-breed technology to all market participants, is now offering an industry leading, low-latency solution that bridges the two US financial hubs of Chicago and New York.

Previously, the standard trading route took 21.2 m/s. Anova Technologies is now offering a significantly higher speed route dubbed "The Redline", which has been measured at a round trip time of 17.2 m/s. This results in a reduction of trading and strategy latency of up to 4m/s. With 1G and 10G wave circuits offered, Anova ensures the most advanced communications for their bandwidth-intensive trading clients.  READ MORE