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Donal MacKenzie on High Frequency Trading
September 11, 2014

The beams are infrared, which means you can't see them, but lasers are now flashing stock-market data through the skies over New Jersey. If they work well there, they might soon be flashing over London too. Lasers are the latest tool for high-frequency trading: the fast, entirely automated trading of large numbers of shares and other financial instruments.   READ MORE

Anova, AOptix Begin Low-Latency Laser Net Build

Inside Market Data
March 19, 2014

Chicago-based low-latency network provider Anova Technologies has begun construction on a laser link to connect datacenters in the New York and New Jersey metro area. READ MORE

Microwave Technology Race Heats Up

Financial News
February 18, 2014

Over land, under sea, and through the air, a fierce battle continues to rage to shave each extra millisecond off trading speeds.READ MORE

Chicago's innovators reflect the Olympic spirit

The Chicago Tribune
February 14, 2014

...Take 2013 Chicago Innovation Awards winner, Anova Technologies, which developed a laser-based wireless network that connects investors to stock exchanges at breakneck speeds on a system with virtually no lag or downtime.... READ MORE

Stock traders move into the laser age in pursuit of lightning-fast deals

The Verge
February 13, 2014

...Operated by Anova Technologies, a company already engaged in providing exotic networking equipment of the sort high-speed traders yearn for, the lasers are stationed on rooftops and promise a more resilient and direct transmission method than microwave alternatives already in place... READ MORE

High-Speed Stock Traders Turn to Laser Beams

Wall Street Journal, Markets
February 12, 2014

...It is the latest salvo in the "race to zero," traders' term for their efforts to whittle away the difference between the speed their orders travel at and the speed of light. Zero, the point at which that difference would disappear, has become a kind of holy grail to computerized traders, for whom nanoseconds-billionths of a second-can spell the difference between profit and loss in their algorithm-driven trades...   READ MORE

High-Speed Stock Traders Turn to Laser Beams

Money Beat
February 12, 2014

Anova Technologies is one of the companies aiming to linking stock-market data center by laser. Anova's CEO Michael Persico joins MoneyBeat to discuss the race to shave off nanoseconds in trading information.  SEE INTERVIEW


Military Laser Technology Latest Edge In HFT Wars

February 12, 2014

As the need for speed in high frequency trading (HFT) intensifies, with the difference between success or failure often measured in milliseconds, a Chicago company is now linking the NYSE Euronext (NYSE:NYX) with the NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:NDAQ) through laser technology used in U.S. military jets...   READ MORE

The Stock Market: Now With 100% More Lasers, Strictly for Communication, of Course

February 12, 2014

If you needed any more evidence that the pace of the stock exchange is blinding, traders on the cutting edge of technology are now making use of military communications lasers to transmit data, because fiber optics and microwaves are just too darn slow. Just nobody tell them light is faster in a vacuum, OK? I like having air to breathe.   READ MORE

Rooftop Lasers Are the Next Big Thing For High-Speed Trading

Business Insider
February 12, 2014

Here's a story from the Wall Street Journal's Scott Patterson on Anova, a company working to edge closer to "zero" - as in, zero seconds between when crucial information becomes available (e.g., the Fed tapers!) and when the computer knows to execute a trade.   READ MORE

Chicago Business World Gathers to Honor Innovative Companies

Chicago Tribune:  Blue Sky Innovation
October 30, 2013

Winners of the 12th annual Chicago Innovation Awards were announced Wednesday evening at a packed Harris Theater, highlighting companies in bio-science to industrial flooring, high-tech pay services to healthy fast food. READ MORE

What is RFConnect? - Q & A with Anova's Michael Persico

Interconnections:  Official Equinix Blog
October 21, 2013

Anova Technologies has developed what it sees as the impending standard for ultra-fast and reliable wireless connectivity for the financial services community. Anova's CEO and founder explains how his company is delivering "fiber through the air" and how this represents a "monumentally disruptive" technology for connecting trading firms worldwide. READ FULL INTERVIEW

Communications Gear Hitches Ride with Lunar Probe

Morning Edition on NPR News
September 6, 2013

...I'm Renee Montagne. Tonight, a rocket will blast off from a launch pad in Virginia carrying a spacecraft headed for the Moon. NASA's Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer will, yes, study the lunar atmosphere and dust environment. But what really intrigued NPR's Joe Palca is a package of communication gear that's hitching a ride with the lunar probe. If it works, it would be or could be the start of a revolution in laser-based communication in space and on Earth...

Wall Street's Hottest Address?  K Street

July, 12, 2013

In computerized high-speed trading, as in real estate, location is everything. On Wall Street, high-speed firms pay fees to locate their computers in the same data centers that house stock exchange computers-so trades aren't delayed by more than a few feet of fiber optic cable.   READ MORE

Maven Wave Partners Newsletter

Maven Wave Partners
June 2013

...Third, like the Redline example above, wireless connectivity is being sliced to offer more affordable options and, additionally, it is being applied to other markets, notably data, to create new opportunities. Finally, innovation is not standing still, as evidenced by Anova's announcement of new offerings that pair millimeter with laser and set new performance standards. All in all, wireless is a very healthy space...  READ MORE

Sell-Side Technology Awards 2013: Best Sell-Side Low-Latency Network Anova Technologies

Waters Technology
June 3, 2013

To win the award for best sell-side low-latency network, Anova Technologies followed Icarus' lead and took to the air. Thus far it's been a significantly more successful trip than that of the mythical winged Greek.

In 2010, months after its founding as a low-latency network provider, Anova began to investigate the viability of skipping fiber optic completely and building a wireless network instead. Wireless is known to be significantly faster than legacy fiber, but hasn't seen widespread adoption because of cost and reliability issues. In 2011, Anova introduced RFConnect, its millimeter wave (MMW) financial network.  READ MORE

Financial traders turn to lasers for faster deals

BBC News (Technology)
May 2, 2013

In the world of computerised financial trading, every second counts and superfast fibre-optic networks may no longer be quick enough.  Laser beam technology originally developed for the military is being rolled out to shave time off trades.  It will compete with new microwave networks that are increasingly being used by traders.  The company behind it, Anova, said it would be as fast as microwave networks and as reliable as fibre...READ MORE

Lasers, microwave deployed in high-speed trading arms race
May 1, 2013


Anova is betting its laser technology will prove to be another leap for the sector, targeting the weaknesses of microwave dishes: they are easily disrupted by weather and can carry tiny amounts of data compared to fiber optic networks.

The company formed a joint venture with AOptix, founded by two California scientists who developed a high-bandwidth communications network for the U.S. Air Force to send large amounts of data between moving aircraft using rotating lasers.

The new hybrid system - combining lasers and millimeter wave wireless dishes - is due to be first rolled out on short-range U.S. and British networks over the next two months before the first long-haul route to Germany, perhaps next year... READ MORE

Towards Intelligent Trading: Anova Rolls Microwave to DC News Hub
March 21, 2013

Anova Technologies is taking control of a microwave wireless network connecting Equinix's key economic news distribution hub in Washington, DC to Nasdaq OMX's data centre in Carteret, NJ. In so doing, it's directly connecting news sources at lowest latency into the trading markets, allowing firms to trade from signals themselves, and not from responding to market movements driven by them. Think of it as the convergence of big data and low latency, for intelligent trading...  READ MORE

Latency Special: Will wireless trump fibre in the race to zero?

Capacity Magazine
March 19, 2013

The world's top firms have put their secretive but lucrative trading programmes on a fibre diet.  Richard Irving finds out why.

Is fibre dead? Don't groan - this is not some bad joke. So great is the seismic shift to wireless technologies in the ultra-low latency market, that some providers are seriously beginning to wonder what sort of future fibre can possibly hope to have in the do-or-die arms race to make share trading as fast as the speed of light.

And make no mistake, this is a race - as fast as a 100m sprint, as brutal as a back-to-back marathon, but above all, a race that no one can afford to lose...  READ MORE

Latency Special: Interview with Mike Persico, Anova Technologies

Capacity Magazine
March 19, 2013

Financial technology entrepreneur Mike Persico is challenging the low latency status quo through his highly specialist network operator Anova Technologies. Richard Irving talks to the chief executive about life in the fast lane.

Who holds the most spectrum licenses in the US? By some measures, it is a former marketing graduate turned serial financial technology entrepreneur with two successful exits to his name and a burning ambition to push the boundaries of electronic share trading to its physical limits. Or should that read the limits of physics? Meet Mike Persico, founder and chief executive of Anova Technologies and holder of more than 4,000 individual Federal Communications Commission (FCC) spectrum registrations. "Clearwire used to hold more but I think we recently took the lead", he says with a tinge of pride.

Anova is one of a handful of highly specialist network operators that have broken out of stealth mode in the last 18 months to rewrite the textbook on building ultra-low latency networks...  READ MORE

Anova Readies Hybrid Laser/Millimetre-wave Low-Latency Network for Reliability
February 28, 2013

"In the world of high-frequency trading, where being ahead of the competition by a few milliseconds can mean profits worth millions of dollars, finance firms are increasingly looking to decades-old microwave technologies for a competitive edge.

Such firms are finding that wireless microwave technology, despite being in use for more than half a century, can deliver data a few milliseconds faster than fiber-optic cable. As a result, the once-stagnant industry of microwave communications is finding itself in an "arms race" among vendors of new competitive offerings, said Mike Persico, CEO of financial exchange service provider Anova Technologies..."  READ MORE

Aoptix Brings High-Speed Wireless Optical Networks to Wall Street

Wall Street Journal
February 20, 2013

..."We were a technology ahead of its time 12 years ago," said Dean Senner, AOptix's chief executive. "When we wanted to give people gigabit links, they couldn't figure out what to do with them."

Part of the reason could be that electronic trading of stocks was still in its infancy back then. The company has landed its first commercial customers through a joint venture with Anova Technologies, which will use AOptix boxes to set up a network of links to exchanges for the financial-services industry...  READ MORE


High Frequency Traders Use 50-year-old Wireless Tech
December 12, 2012

"In the world of high-frequency trading, where being ahead of the competition by a few milliseconds can mean profits worth millions of dollars, finance firms are increasingly looking to decades-old microwave technologies for a competitive edge.

Such firms are finding that wireless microwave technology, despite being in use for more than half a century, can deliver data a few milliseconds faster than fiber-optic cable. As a result, the once-stagnant industry of microwave communications is finding itself in an "arms race" among vendors of new competitive offerings, said Mike Persico, CEO of financial exchange service provider Anova Technologies..."  READ MORE


Feeding the Need for Speed
September 12, 2012

..."This is VHS versus beta," said Mike Persico of Anova, which has built out its millimeter wave network in the metropolitan areas of Chicago and New York/New Jersey and hopes to have a complete long-haul path between the two regions completed next year. "We lift the bandwidth constraint but keep the speed advantage."... READ MORE


Q&A: August's Low Down on Latency with Pete Harris
August 15, 2012

Q: There's been more news on the wireless communications front too. Is the space heating up?

A: Definitely. There's the news of BGC Partners and Thesys Technologies building a wireless network. And also most interestingly the rollout of Anova's wireless - millimeter wave, not microwave - network, which could address bandwidth concerns... READ MORE


Anova Deploys Millimetre Wave Technology For New Jersey Wireless Network
July 25, 2012

When Anova Technologies announced recently that it had deployed a wireless network linking NYSE Euronext to Direct Edge, one word was missing from its press release: microwave. That's because the connectivity specialist has gone in a different technology direction to the one in vogue right now as the basis for its wireless offerings...  READ MORE


Anova Technologies Wirelessly Connects the NYSE and DirectEdge Equity Markets Using “Speed Of Light” RF technology with a Full 1Gb Of Bandwidth Per Customer
July 12, 2012

Anova Technologies, the preeminent financial and exchange connectivity provider, has launched wireless RF between 755 Secaucus, the home of DirectEdge, and 165 Halsey, a SFTI POP for NYSE. This build has achieved a latency that is virtually at the speed of light, clocking in at a scant 66.4 microseconds (µs) between radio endpoints. The "as the crow flies" straightest distance of between these two locations translates to 66.3µs of distance-dependent latency, which means the proprietary Anova equipment adds only nanoseconds...  READ MORE


TRADING PACES: Anova Connects to Chicago Options Markets & More

Securities Technology Monitor
February 22, 2012

The optical engineering firm said it is extending its high-speed trading routes to reach options markets in Chicago. Direct FX will use First Derivatives' Delta trading technology to aggregate prices and execute transactions for retail and institutional customers. ICE Futures Europe will auction... READ MORE


CME's Colo Service to Go Live on Jan. 29

Wallstreet and Technology
October 13, 2011

The derivatives exchange operator will offer colocation services to high speed customers out of its own 428,000 sq. foot data center in Aurora, Ill.

Chicago-based CME Group said it's opening a new colocation services facility from its data center located in suburban Illinois, offering clients the ability to place high speed trading strategies as close as possible to the CME's Globex matching engine... READ MORE


Sub-Microsecond Encryption Rolling Out for Trading Data

Securities Technology Monitor
October 10, 2011

Anova Technologies said it is rolling out a technology that will encrypt trading instructions in under one millionth of a second.

The optical engineering firm said it is demonstrating the high-speed encryption technique, called OptiVault, at the 2011 FIA Options & Futures Expo.... READ MORE


A Faster Connection

Wallstreet and Technology
Oct 2011 Digital Issue

Anova speeds the fiber network between the NYSE and BATS.

The road between two of the world's largest equity exchanges just got faster.  Anova Technologies, a provider of low-latency networks for high frequency and algorithmic trading clients... READ MORE


How is regulation driving technology in the derivatives space?

Interview answer with CEO, Michael Persico
August 2011

Build or Buy? What parts of trading technology are worth building and what are worth buying?

Interview answer with CEO, Michael Persico
August 2011


As the Crow Flies

Securities Industry Blog 
August 17, 2011

"Anova" sounds like one of those company names that was randomly generated by a computer - or a high-paid naming firm. How often have you yourself complained that all the good names for your latest venture have been taken?

But in the case of Chicago-based Anova Technologies there's a clear correlation with what it is trying to achieve, even if the meaning isn't readily apparent to most eyes at first blink...READ MORE


Low Latency Fiber Between NYSE and BATS Gets Faster

Wallstreet and Technology
August 16, 2011

Anova Technologies said it will speed up the fiber network span between 300 Blvd East in Weehawken, NJ and 111 8th Ave. in New York City at the end of the month, connecting two of the largest equity exchanges, BATS and NYSE, located there.

Anova is a specialized customer fiber and low-latency network provider, focusing exclusively on HFT and algorithmic trading clients...READ MORE


Anova Technologies Unveils OptiWave Low Latency NJ/NY Trading Solution

Wallstreet and Technology
March 3, 2010

Anova Technologies, a Chicago-based optical engineering and low-latency networking firm, has created a fiber platform, OptiWave, melding network management with micro-second speed.

The Chicago-based company said this addresses the speed that trading firms demand, coupled with an accessible price point and ease of deployment...READ MORE